Thursday, June 12, 2014

Painting Tips & Tricks: Put It Under Wraps

How often do you get to do a big project start to finish?  I always have to allow time for unscheduled breaks.  Always.

This can be difficult when painting a room.  Not only is there a paint brush for doing the trim work, but you have a wet roller once you start the main area of the walls.  Leave either the brush or the roller out for too long and both will start to solidify and be impossible to work with.

Here's a tip I learned from my mom when I first started painting.

Put a plastic bag around a wet roller when not in use, and plastic wrap around an idle paint brush.
The paint will stay fresh for several hours and sometimes even a couple of days.  Just try to get the plastic tight with little to no air around the paint.  Next time you are ready to paint, just pull one of them out and get to work.

Once the project/room is finished, then you can wash everything up one time.  Much easier than washing  everything up multiple times while working.

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