Friday, April 29, 2016

Coming Soon: Budgeting Series

We've been budgeting now for over 10 years.  Hard for me to believe; but, what started out being so hard, frustrating, and tedious, has now become an automatic action for us.  So automatic for us, actually, that I often look like a deer in the headlights when someone asks us how and what we do.

The questions:

How do you do it?
Where do you spend your money?

How do you save with a large family?

Where are you able to cut costs?
How did you start?

Where should I start?

Since we've relocated (and are in the middle of revamping our own budget), it seems like the perfect time to share some of our experiences and secrets with anyone and all who want to know.  Right now, we are debt free except for the house - it took a lot of sacrifice and determination to get here, though!

Do you might have specific questions you want answered?  Feel free to send any questions to my inbox or leave a comment on Facebook or below this post.  I'll be happy to answer them along the way!

For now .... have a great weekend and keep loving Life!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Paleo Berry Crisp

This is good.

Just so you know.

Did I have a couple of kids turn their noses up at it?



One kiddo doesn't like nuts...... of any kind.  (She ate it when I took the nuts off, though.)

One kiddo doesn't like chia seeds....... it's a texture/mind thing. (Although, she will eat raspberries and blackberries just fine. Go figure.)

That being said, this dessert is just bursting with flavor and will actually have you feeling good about eating something that satisfies that sweet tooth!

Ready to start?  Here's what you need....

1. Put cleaned berries {I chose raspberries, blackberries and blueberries} in a 9x9 dish.  Sprinkle with chia seeds.

2. Combine coconut oil, coconut palm sugar, almond meal flour, cinnamon, salt, and cayenne pepper (optional).  "Cut" with a fork to make a crumble.

3. Sprinkle crumble over berries.

4. Add chopped nuts to the top. (Optional)

5. Bake in a 375* oven for 25 - 30 minutes.

6. Serve warm.  Or warm leftovers up in the microwave ..... if there are any.

You can even add some frozen yogurt on the side, if you eat that kind of thing! (We do.)

The chopped nuts on top add such amazing texture.  The chia seeds help thicken the fruit juices to create a warm, gooey goodness to savor.

Every little (or big) bite was savored.

There were even a couple of requests for seconds.  (Which always makes my little heart happy!)

I'd love to hear about how you like the recipe, if you make it.  Make sure to give me feedback - I would appreciate it so much!

Keep loving Life!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Kelly Brothers to Speak In Orlando!

Did you know Shaklee has been in space?

This is just too cool NOT to share!! I'll be able to hear Scott Kelly and his brother Mark Kelly speak this year at our Global conference in Orlando. These brothers have been trusting Shaklee for years to provide them with unmatched health in their demanding careers.

Not only do the Kelly's trust Shaklee, but NASA also has all astronauts drink a special solution formulated by Shaklee when they re-enter Earth's atmosphere that keeps them from passing out. High recommendations? Um... yeah.

Can you even imagine the experiences these gentleman have had in their lives?!
And then, just the other day, I was checking out at the grocery store and look what was in the magazine rack!!  Scott Kelly is on the Cover of a Special Edition of Time!! He just spent a historic YEAR in space!! Can you imagine?!

The cashier probably thought I was out of my mind taking a picture of this, but I just couldn't go by without taking the picture. Fortunately, I'm starting to care less and less what people think about me. Ha!

Looking forward to listening to these remarkable men speak in Orlando this August!!

More About:

Captain Mark Kelly
Commander of Space Shuttle Endeavour's Final Mission & Space and Aviation Contributor for NBC News/MSNBC
With the recent launch of the historic year-long space expedition and Twins Study, decorated American astronaut, Mark Kelly continues to secure his place in history, partnering with his brother, Scott from the ground to participate in an unprecedented NASA study on how space affects the human body. Recently named the Space and Aviation Contributor for NBC News and MSNBC, over the next year, he will be providing the world with insider perspective and intimate coverage of the yearlong experiment.

Already an experienced aviator and retired US Navy Captain, Kelly began his career as an astronaut in 1996. During his illustrious career with NASA, he spent more than 50 days in space and commanded both the Space Shuttle Endeavour, including its final flight in May 2011, and Space Shuttle Discovery, and is one of only two individuals who have visited the International Space Station on four different occasions.

Kelly is also a #1 New York Times best-selling author and a founder of World View Enterprises, a company pioneering a new frontier at the edge of space.

In January 2011, Kelly became the center of international attention after the assassination attempt on his wife, former US Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Their story captivated the nation and resulted in the couple becoming an unequivocal symbol of strength and perseverance.

An American hero who exemplifies effective leadership and courage under pressure, Kelly offers audiences insights drawn from his various and extensive experiences, from leading teams in some of the most dynamic environments imaginable, to the thrill of spaceflight and making history, to the importance of commitment to career and family, in order to truly define and achieve success. 
Captain Scott Kelly
History-Making U.S. Astronaut & Retired U.S. Navy Captain

On his quest for a record-breaking full year in space on a historic expedition laying the groundwork for the future of space travel and exploration, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly has captivated the world, garnering media exposure like no other pioneer of our time. From the cover of TIME to live interviews on TODAY to features in Forbes and on CNN, the world remains in awe each day as he approaches the 1-year mark. With life lessons and personal stories that reveal unique and valuable advice on pushing one’s own limits, to insight on the leadership and teamwork required in such demanding conditions, and the challenges—such as long term deprivation from loved ones and Planet Earth—Kelly will reflect on the choices and life events that paved his journey’s path and bring audiences to the edge of their seats as he delivers a truly one-of-a-kind experience.
Since becoming an astronaut in 1996, Kelly’s achievements over his illustrious 20-year career with NASA earned him the coveted position as America’s first year-round astronaut. Kelly launched into space on the historic mission in March 2015 with Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko, conducting experiments, reconfiguring station modules, and captivating the world with live interviews and fascinating Twitter posts featuring never-seen-before photos from the International Space Station 229 miles above Earth.
The historic mission also includes NASA’s groundbreaking Twins Study, featuring Kelly’s identical twin brother, retired NASA astronaut Mark Kelly on the ground as a control model in an unprecedented experiment to understand how space affects the human body.

Prior to his career with NASA, Kelly served 25 years in the U.S. Navy, retiring as an experienced aviator and decorated Captain.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Tuesday's Tips & Tricks Link Party #64

We're partying again, my friends!  Here's  the recap of what happened last week.  (So many good shares!)


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Fearlessly Creative Mammas

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Fearlessly Creative Mammas

Your turn!  Grab one of your favorite post to share and just follow the link below!  Can't wait to see what everyone is doing this week!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Get Clean: Before & Afters

Are you a visual person?  You know,..... can't really see something until you see it?  I'm that way, and have so many friends that are the same, that I thought putting together a montage of 'Before & After's would be both fun and useful.

Quick reminders: 

~ There's a Facebook event happening tomorrow!  It's going to be a lot of fun and full of great information having to do with Shaklee cleaners - natural, non-toxic cleaners that work.  Might even be a few surprises along the way!  {hint, hint. wink, wink}  We would love to have you join those of us already planning to be there.  

~ Another fun thing going on is my new Real Clean Gone Green group.  The kick off will be tomorrow (April 22nd) and the official start is Monday.  I'm really excited about this and can't wait to get started.  There's already a good number of us in the group, but we would love to have you join us.  It's  always more fun with more people.  To find out more about that, follow the link below or send me an email with any questions.  There are going to be lots of freebies thrown in as we go a few prizes, too, so you won't want to miss out!

Okay, okay!  On with the show!

Wood floors:


Glass paint:

Egg dye:

Hard water {series of clean}:

Smoke bomb dye:

Fire torched camping gear:

Grime on van door:

Marker on van seat:

Raspberry juice:

Red peppermint candy:

Permanent marker:

Hard water:

Burn marks in roast in pan:

Hard water / Rust: 


Nasty Oven:

Rust/Hard water/Paint on stainless steel sink:

Sugar on stove top:


Lipstick on carpet:

Smudges on stainless steel:

Lipstick {again} on towel:

Hard water on glass door:

Mystery stain:

Pretty amazing, huh?!  And almost all of these are from my personal home - so they aren't just some random pictures from the internet.  (That's both impressive and embarrassing!)

Everything I used to clean in these pictures is available in the Get Clean Starter kit plus more!  Such a huge value.  Plus, I'm now giving a FREE Scour Off to anyone who orders either a Get Clean Fragrance Free Starter kit or Regular Get Clean Starter kit through me!!  

Until next time!

Keep loving Life!

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