Friday, February 28, 2014

Offer Expires Tonight

Wanted to remind everyone that today is the last day to take advantage of Shaklee's February offer!

The Get Clean kit qualifies for the free membership and free gift, but all you have to do is have a total of 50PV in your cart to get the freebies.  

Great Combos

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Or any other combinations that qualify!!

Become a Shaklee Member and save 15% to 25% on Shaklee products and an additional 10% on select products with AutoShip.

If you have any questions, email me or message me on Facebook.  I'll even leave my phone turned up after I go to bed, so I can help any last minute purchasers!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Easiest Salad Dressing Ever

Have you all noticed I like things to be super easy in my life?   Here's a great salad dressing that fits that bill.

Let's see if you can guess what it is from these little hints.

  •   It's low in calories  {about 7 per Tbsp}.
  •   All natural.
  •   Can be found in just about any restaurant you go to.
  •   Non oily.
  •   Sweet.
  •   Something you probably ingest on a regular basis.
  •   More than likely, you have it in your home right now.

Have you figured it out?  Any guesses?

Here it is.....
Yep.  Orange Juice.

We're always experimenting with our salad toppings, and this came about by accident.  I'm not a big veggie person anyway.  My idea of a good salad has carrots, cheese, croutons, ranch and ham on the lettuce.  Maybe a couple of broccoli florets to make me feel better.  So, Kevin and I started adding lots of fresh fruit to our salads along with our veggies - still good for you and adds lots of flavor.  Apples, blackberries, strawberries, orange wedges, blueberries.... all kinds of tasty choices.  When we started putting orange pieces among the other fruit, we started squeezing the some of the juice into the bowl, too.  Kevin and I no longer feel the need to put any other dressing on our salads.

This is great while at home, but what about when you're out somewhere?  Most restaurants are going to have OJ even if they don't serve breakfast.  Does the restaurant have a bar?  Then they have orange juice on hand.  Or, just look on the menu or ask your server if you can have a little orange juice on the side instead of salad dressing.  You might get a strange look, but they are always looking to please.

Simple and easy..... just perfect for me!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My {Busy} Life

Life has been taking over and I haven't had as much time at the computer.  It's both good and bad.

First, there's only a couple days left to take advantage of the Free Membership ($19.95) and Free Cafe Latte Canister ($48) from Shaklee.  This is a great deal and it ends on Friday!  Just click on the picture below to get started.
In other news....

The weather has been pretty nasty and cold with little patches of warmth and sun.  Saturday was especially nice here in the Saint Louis area.  We took advantage of it to get some exercise and some extra vitamin D.  Such a bummer having to go back to these 20 and 30 degree days.
Madi FINALLY lost her second, top front tooth!  We have been waiting for this for months.  She had a serious case of Nanny McPhee look-a-like going there for a long time.  It's been so long that her permanent teeth are pretty much all the way in.  Now to get the other 4 loose ones out.
This next picture is just for fun.  I love having a little boy to dress up.  Having 4 girls was a lot of fun, but I'm not really into all the bows and lace.  Most of the girls wouldn't wear the frilly dresses because the inside seams would bother them too much.  It just wasn't worth the cost of the dress for it to only be worn once and all the tears that came along with it.  A little boy has been a lot of fun and a bit cheaper.  (Suspenders - $3 from Target/ Tie - $? from The Children's Place)
Today, I'm typing this up while we wait for Madi's treatment to be complete.  She is quite the trooper during all of this.  We had to wait for about an hour past our appointment time to actually get started, but that's the way it goes sometimes.  I've learned to keep my day open and not stress about how long things take.  The staff always takes such good care of us.
 There's always something to keep us busy while here, too.
So, that's what's been happening around here lately.  I've got some things to show  y'all coming up soon.  I've started Spring Cleaning.  Blah.  Not in to full mode yet, but I'm wanting to get it all done before the spring weather shows up to stay.  I'd much rather clean while it's cold out and be able to actually enjoy the warm weather.

I'm also going to be sharing some of my journey to get healthy with you.  I even had my husband to give me a crash coarse at the gym to help me start building back my muscle tone having 5 kids took away.  Just a bit sore today.  Pretty sad considering how little I actually did at the gym.  Baby steps, though, right?

Home improvement is high on my list right now.  I'm hoping to share a couple of closet makeovers with you soon.  Also, I'm working in our master bath.  Lots of little improvements that are adding up to a wonderful retreat for us.  I might actually use our garden tub one of these days for myself instead of just a place to let the little kids pretend to go swimming.

There are a couple of craft/sewing projects I've got buzzing around in my mind, too.  I just have to have about an hour of uninterrupted time to see if what I have in mind will work in real life.  

Lots of things to look forward to!  

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Basic H2 Produce Wash

Do you wash your produce?

Here's a little background on our story.
{cue flashback waves}

There were many months we didn't have fresh fruit in the house when our daughter was first diagnosed with Leukemia.  At that time, the doctors told us to keep her from eating fresh fruit - strawberries, apples, berries, anything with a thin or edible skin - when she was neutropenic. To say our family loves fresh fruit is an understatement!  Plus, we were trying to protect one child and felt the need to restrict the other 4.  How do you tell a 5 yr old she can't have a bowl full of berries when her siblings are stuffing their faces with the one food that sounds good to her?  Thankfully, she was diagnosed at a time in the year when a lot of fruits the kids love were out of season.  We moved to a lot of frozen and canned fruits to curb her cravings, but it just wasn't the same.  For any of us.  It was such a relief when that restriction was lifted for all the patients last year.

Fast forward to the present.  While we no longer have the restriction to worry about, we still have times when Madi becomes neutropenic.  I can't just look at her and see when her immune system is low or nonexistent.  She has to have blood tests to determine her ANC, and those only happen once a month these days.  So, we take as many precautions as possible and within reason.  We don't want her to be afraid to live life; but, oh, how I wish we could just put her in a bubble some days!

One of the things we do to protect her (and the rest of us) is to wash our produce.  The main one for the kids, though, is fruit.  And we go through a lot of fruit.  I typically purchase 2, 2 pound packages of strawberries from Sam's Club or the local grocery store every time I'm out shopping.  That can be up to 3 times a week!  Imagine all the yuck that is on those strawberries that can end up in our bodies.  So, cleaning them is top priority for me.  Along with all the apples and other berries we buy.

Basic H2 comes to our rescue so often, I feel like there is nothing this bottle of cleaner can't do.  Such a simple step to keeping my family healthy.

I fill my kitchen sink with water, add a few drops of Basic H2 concentrate, add strawberries and let them soak for a several minutes.  (For some reason swishing the berries around in the water makes me feel good, too.)  

 After the berries have soaked, simply drain the cleaning solution and rinse the berries.  That's it!  This can be used to clean fruits and veggies.  When cleaning bigger produce like potatoes, cucumbers, apples or such, simply spray them down with your Basic H2 All Purpose solution, scrub and rinse.
Now.  This all sounds good, I know.  But, if you are like me, just about everything in life boils down to  'how much is this going to cost me?'.  I was raised this way, so it's ingrained.  I want to get the best deal for my dollar.  Thanks to Shaklee, I get an amazing product that is safe and works at a truly amazing price.

This month you can get even more for your money.  If you purchase the Get Clean Starter Kit, you will qualify for the February special.
Super Value!

As always - if you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with me.  I'm always happy to help!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Naturally Clean Oven

What time is it when you have smoke coming out of your oven after it's preheated?  Way past time to get that baby cleaned!
This is my before.  (Pretty bad)

 A little closer look.  (Oh, that's just embarrassing!)
I have a thing for frozen pizzas.  You know the kind that you cook by just putting them straight on the oven rack?  Taste good, but they really do a number on my oven.  The last time I cleaned it, I had to open doors and windows to keep the horrible smell of cleaner out of my house.  Yes, I have a self cleaning oven; however, I actually had a small fire the last time I used that.  This time I reached for  my all natural Scour Off heavy duty paste.

Here's my oven door half cleaned.  It was so incredibly easy!
 Now a complete after. {Sigh}
 Another, just a little closer.  Look at that shine!
 The door is nice an clean, too.
Can you believe this was accomplished by an all natural cleaner?  No harsh fumes, (which was really good since it was below freezing on Sunday when I cleaned the oven), and no bleach or other harsh chemicals to worry about getting on my skin.  We actually use Scour Off all around our home- ovens, stove top, tubs, showers, grout.   Tough enough to get the job done and safe so that my kids can use it to help clean.  Since a little goes a long way, our container is lasting forever!  That's a bargain at $8.50 a jar.

Unfortunately, I'm sure my weakness for frozen pizzas isn't going to go away anytime soon.  Thankfully, Shaklee and Scour Off have my back when my oven needs a good cleaning!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Scrabble Remix

I would love to claim this idea as mine, but I can't.  However, they say imitation is the best form of flattery, right?

My sister gave this to my parents this year for Christmas.
It has all 16 grandkids' names on the game play area and the initials of us kids and our spouses on the side.  I absolutely fell in love with it and decided to make one for my own home!

There was quite a bit of trial and error.  I had to order more tiles off to have enough of the letters I needed, too.  Did you know there are only 2 'V's in a game set?  I managed to use 3 on our board.  I also needed more 'L's, 'S's, 'M's and 'K's.  Spreading everything out on a flat surface and playing around with words and configurations really helped.
I didn't have as many names to work with as my sister, but I was able to fill our board pretty well.  Seven names and a few extra words later, I have my very own board completed.

What do ya think?  I'm so pleased with the results!  Of course, while working on this for our family, I had so many ideas about other themes:

Wedding present - marriage, love, commitment, bride, groom, names, God, faith....
Baby boy - name, date, blessing, gift, love, dirt, trucks, snakes, snails, puppy tails...
Baby girl - name, date, blessing, gift, frills, lace, sugar, spice....
Also, sports, cars, just about any interest.  You could even just have a mock game set up for a game room.  So many ways to do this.  With or without a board, too.

I attached all the letter tiles to the board with rubber cement.  Whatever glue you choose, make sure you don't put on too much.  Don't want it squishing out the sides.  The black background in the shadow box  is fabric, so I was able to use velcro to stabilize the board and the tile holders.  Over all the project is quite easy.  The hardest part was figuring out which words to use.

~~Don't forget the February Special from Shaklee!!~~

Monday, February 3, 2014

February Shaklee Special

This is HUGE!
I'm so excited to share this with you!  Shaklee is having an amazing offer this month for new members and new distributors. As you can see above, you get free membership AND a free canister of Shaklee 180 Cafe Latte Energizing Smoothee** (while supplies last) with a qualifying order.  That's $68 value!

So, what's a 'qualifying order'?  Any product, or combination of products, you choose with a 50PV or higher.  That's it.  Want to start taking Vitalizer and feel amazing all day, every day?  There's 55PV.  Were you thinking about maybe getting some cleaning products?  The Get Clean Starter kit is 50PV and has 9 products to get your home, laundry and dishes clean the healthy way.  How about giving your fitness goals a kick by getting a 180 kit?  Just remember to put it on autoship!  (I'm sitting here waiting for my smoothee mix because I neglected to put my Lean & Healthy kit on autoship last time.  Lesson learned!)

It's really easy to get started.  Just go to my website, fill up your shopping cart with a 50PV or more total,  and join as a member.  (Fill out the membership application.)  Your membership will be free, and you'll be able to enjoy a 15-25% savings right away.   Any questions, contact me!  Remember, there is a 100% money back guarantee for all Shaklee products.

This promotion has never been done before and is only available until February 28th!  Don't miss out!

**Cafe Latte Smoothee mix will automatically be sent to you after you have placed your order.  No need to put it in your cart.  Just make sure you sign up for your free membership with 50PV.

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