Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Naturally Clean Oven

What time is it when you have smoke coming out of your oven after it's preheated?  Way past time to get that baby cleaned!
This is my before.  (Pretty bad)

 A little closer look.  (Oh, that's just embarrassing!)
I have a thing for frozen pizzas.  You know the kind that you cook by just putting them straight on the oven rack?  Taste good, but they really do a number on my oven.  The last time I cleaned it, I had to open doors and windows to keep the horrible smell of cleaner out of my house.  Yes, I have a self cleaning oven; however, I actually had a small fire the last time I used that.  This time I reached for  my all natural Scour Off heavy duty paste.

Here's my oven door half cleaned.  It was so incredibly easy!
 Now a complete after. {Sigh}
 Another, just a little closer.  Look at that shine!
 The door is nice an clean, too.
Can you believe this was accomplished by an all natural cleaner?  No harsh fumes, (which was really good since it was below freezing on Sunday when I cleaned the oven), and no bleach or other harsh chemicals to worry about getting on my skin.  We actually use Scour Off all around our home- ovens, stove top, tubs, showers, grout.   Tough enough to get the job done and safe so that my kids can use it to help clean.  Since a little goes a long way, our container is lasting forever!  That's a bargain at $8.50 a jar.

Unfortunately, I'm sure my weakness for frozen pizzas isn't going to go away anytime soon.  Thankfully, Shaklee and Scour Off have my back when my oven needs a good cleaning!

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