My Story

Hi!  I'm Jessica and welcome to My Life.

Here's the skinny on me:
-I'm a follower of Christ
-Married to a wonderful, supportive husband
-Mom to 5 amazing, challenging and just all around good kids
-I've been blessed to be a stay at home mom since the birth of our first child
-I love any DIY project!  Crafts, home projects, cooking ... bring it on!

My life, just like everyone else's, is constantly changing.

Sometimes the changes are little.

The summer of 2012, my husband and I decided to start making some changes of our own.  We reevaluated our eating habits.  My husband started working out at home: he had gained some weight and his cholesterol was starting to inch higher and higher.  I was feeling rundown and just blah.  I started looking into cooking better for our family and looking for cleaning alternatives.  Buying groceries was no longer about the great deal I could get, but more about the nutritional value to our bodies.

Sometimes the changes are more than we want.

September of 2012 brought a huge change to our lives.  Our third child, age 5 at the time, was 3 weeks into her kindergarden year and started having major fatigue issues and lots of bruising.  A visit to the pediatrician and a couple of blood tests later, she was diagnosed with ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia).

To say this diagnosis was a shock, is an understatement.  In one day we went from mild curiosity about what was going on with our little one, to taking action to save her life.  We essentially went on autopilot to make it through, not only the next several hours, but through the next several months.
One month after diagnosis
We've been extremely blessed and fortunate during this time in our lives.  It's amazing all the good that can come about during a 'bad' time.  Our whole family has a different perspective on life because of what the past year has taught us.  Our kids have had to learn about how fragile life can be at a very early age.  They also have a unique tenderness in their hearts for others.
Current picture
This one, albeit rather huge, event has lit a fire under me to work harder on making our lives healthier.  I know there is a potential for our daughter to have to go through all of this again.  We could get to the end of her treatment and find that the ALL comes back in just months.  It could be years and she will have a relapse.  Or, Lord willing, she will never have to deal with poor health ever again.  Regardless of the future, I don't want to have any thoughts of 'what could I have done differently?'.

Here is where Shaklee has helped me help my family.  The products are always safe, always work and are always green.  Thousands of quality tests are run to ensure purity, potency and the safety of all their products.  (Shaklee also does all of this while being good to the environment.)  I know my family is getting the very best every time.  Not only with what we put in our bodies, but also the items with which I use to clean our home.  We are feeling great and our house is clean.  Shaklee also backs all of this with a 100% money-back guarantee.  A win-win in my book!

There is so much about this company that I admire, that I decided to start sharing Shaklee.  If you have any questions, I would love to have the opportunity to talk with you.  Contact me.  Or, head over to my product site and have a look around.  Making little changes can have such an impact on your life.  I'm determined to make changes that will be a benefit to myself, my husband and our kids for years to come.

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