Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Pin The Nose On The Snowman

It's that time of year once again when all the holiday activities, concerts and parties start happening is quick succession.  The kids are excited, but for me it just ends up being more work in my already busy schedule.  {Is that too cynical?}  I always try to get over myself and step up the the proverbial plate for my little ones - whether at home or in helping with school activities.

I ran across some pictures on my computer from either my son or daughter's preschool party game.  Even though this is a classic game, the kids had so much fun with it being made over into a snowman!  Best thing for me was how quick and easy it was to get ready for the party.


Stencils or compass
~ 13.5", 2 1/4", and 1 5/8"

Place plate on poster board leaving enough room on top for a hat and below for body.

Trace around plate with pencil
(using a pencil on this step will keep your plate clean and allow corrections to be easier)

Free hand top hat and body (hard to see, but it's there)

Trace around medicine bottle lid for 'coal lumps' for the mouth and eyes. (1 5/8" circle)
Use small cup for buttons down the body (2 1/4" circle)
Cover pencil lines with markers.

Design a nose for your new snowman.  Or use this free printable I whipped up for you.

And make enough to have for each of the kids participating. Names on the front or back to keep track of who put which nose where is a big help.  (ahem.... experience)

Color in areas you want with markers and embellish however you like.

Now sit back and enjoy watching all the kids' faces light up when you hang the poster on the wall and  give them each a nose of their very own.  AND........ don't forget the blind fold.  😉

If you do this, please share with us over on the Facebook page!  I would love to see any other ideas you all have done as winter or Christmas classroom games, too.

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