Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Creating Extra Drying Space for Laundry Day

I'm pretty inconsistent around here when it comes to laundry.  I'm either doing load after load in one day (because I've put it all off waaaayyyy too long) or I'm doing a couple loads a day (because I've vowed to never again let it get out of control again..... um..... again).   One thing that is always consistent is I never have enough space to hang the clothes to let them dry.

I got this little contraption from Costco last year and it has helped - especially for all those pants I need to dry but don't want to put on hangers.

All the overflow inevitably goes in doorways.  While that works nicely, all the doorways that have trim around them are to rooms that require privacy multiple times during the day.

 And I have to fix this multiple times a day.....

I stumbled upon such an easy and low cost solution it's crazy!

Tension rods!

You know the ones you used for a shower curtain?  We actually had two in our house not being used. (I'm beginning to think I'm on the edge of hoarding.)  When I stumbled upon them one laundry day, the light bulb went off.  I found a couple of areas that were mostly out of the way, put the rods up, and proceeded to hang clothes.

No more having to pick clothes up off the floor {as much} for me.  Plus, these are very easily relocated if needed.

Laundry day just got a little easier! (And that's always a good thing!)

What do you do to help you on laundry day?

Monday, July 6, 2015

July Featured Promo - Enfuselle Skin Care

This month is all about skin care for me!

I'll be honest, for a loooonnnnngggg time I floundered in this area.  I tried so many different things and nothing ever worked long term.  It was never the same thing 'wrong' with whatever product I tried: some were too harsh, some weren't strong enough, several made me break out and never clear up, some were too dry, some too oily.  I just could never find a product (at any price) that worked well for the long haul.

When I ordered the Enfuselle cleanser, I was so skeptical.  I mean, here I was in my 30's with some of the worst skin I'd ever had.  I figure this would just be another attempt in a long line of attempts that would fail.

Oh, how wrong I was!  I loved the cleanser and my skin started clearing up within the first week of starting to use it.

I soon ordered the whole Enfuselle Skin Care kit.  Now I can't believe how good my skin feels! And, as long as I use the products consistently, I'm loving the way my skin looks.  Here I am right after washing, using the toner, moisturizing and before makeup.  (I'm cringing right now - personal hang up seeing myself in photos.)

The Time Repair A.M. has SPF 15 to help protect my skin during the long summer days at the pool or 6 Flags.  It was the only SPF I used during our daughter's Make A Wish trip in Florida and I was sunburn free the whole week! 

When I started using all the different products, I was mainly concerned about the acne I was dealing with.  Wrinkles weren't even on my radar.  Call it denial, call it being completely oblivious, but over time my skin is smoother, firmer and those 'expression' lines on my forehead I inherited from my dad (love him to pieces) have reduced dramatically!
Another thing I didn't anticipate - my kids are also loving these products.  I am constantly having to hunt their bathroom for the cleanser.  And since I have two pre-teens that have started having very mild breakouts, it's something that they will be able to use for many years to come.  
So, now you know I love these products and have had great results with them.  Are you curious how they might work for you?  Shaklee makes it so easy packaging everything in a kit for you to easily get started - just make a choice between Normal/Dry or Normal/Oily formula.  It's also one of several ways to get FREE membership so you can save 15% right away and continue to save on any future orders.  Remember - all Shaklee products have a 30 day money back guarantee! {Follow FREE membership link and scroll down to pick the formula you need.}
While FREE membership is a great value, I've decided to throw in a gift of my own!  Order the whole kit with membership and I'll send you one of the following - Acne Clarifying Complex, Eye Makeup Remover, or Moisturizing Shower Gel - FREE!!  All of these are great additions to the Enfuselle Skin Care Kit.  Just send me a message after you've ordered to let me know which gift you choose!
Contact me with any questions you might have!  I'm happy to answer anything and glad to help!
Can't wait to hear how much you love these products!! 

Friday, July 3, 2015

House to Home: Master Bathroom

I've been saying for years that I need to start decorating my home.  I have a lot of trouble settling on what I really want when it comes to making our house a home.  I don't go for a modern look.  It's just not me.  {That's one of the great things about each of us having our own spaces to work on, I guess.} I'm more a cosy, comfortable, traditional kinda gal.

One day it hit me - I was living in my house of 5 years and I really hadn't made it a home yet!  So, I got started.

Of all the rooms I decided to tackle first, I'm really not sure why I went with the master bathroom.  Maybe because it isn't seen/used by many others besides my husband and myself.  I could get the tools and supplies out and not have to worry about putting everything out of little ones' reach whenever I had to stop for the day.

Whatever my reasoning, or non-reasoning, that's where I started.

Here's a few before pictures! (Have to have those, right?) These were taken on our initial walk through before purchasing.
Tub and Shower Area

Sink Area
It's not bad.  It's actually a really great bathroom with lots of room and beautiful fixtures.  I can't take any credit for the choices made, though.  The people who built the house and then didn't complete the purchase, did a great job picking them out.

Soon after moving in, we realized the lights over the vanity weren't going to cut it in lighting up our whole bathroom.  This fixture was found one night while wondering through one of our favorite home stores on clearance for about $25.

Thankfully, Hubby is very handy and was able to run a new line and box to the area where we wanted the light all by himself.  {Really there wasn't enough space in the small attic crawl space for both of us to fit.  And... I wouldn't have been any help anyway.}  It's even on a separate switch!

Things kinda stalled at that point.  Life has a way of creeping in and taking over completely - we had another little one, kids started school, lasting medical issues, and many more just everyday things.

Fast forward to my little epiphany about not having a home, and I quickly got a gallon of paint in Gobi Desert, unearthed all my tools from the basement, and got started.

Yep.  Neutral.  Not exciting; but, I feel that I will be able to switch out accent colors as I want.

Current accent color?  White! With a bit of black thrown in.

Tub After

Sink After


Behind the door I have a couple of hooks to hang our towels on.

When the decorating started, I made this no-sew valance for the large window.

I liked it, but I really like this and it's more what I originally had in mind.  Cafe rod and window scarf were both purchased from Walmart.

These wrought iron wall decorations I've had for years, and they fit in perfectly on this side wall.  The towel rod is Sienna by Moen - very pretty and easy to put up.

Overall, I am soooo pleased with the results!  It's simple, relaxing and uncluttered.

Sink Before and After

Tub Before and After
Now on to the next room!

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