Thursday, April 14, 2016

My Life Has Moved!!

If you've been following along on Facebook, Instagram, or right here on the blog, I'm sure you've noticed our family has been dealing with some major changes.


What brought this on?

My wonderful, over achieving husband, who's been in the food industry for the past 17 years, was asked if wouldn't mind a new job title.  While the past handful of changes were all able to be done in the St. Louis office, this one required a major move.

Now, we've been though this several times before; but,  each and every time has it's unique qualities.  This time is no different.  Things that I've either forgotten about from previous moves or new exciting things I discover or things that take me off guard and have my sarcastic 'Really?!' escaping before I think to keep my mouth shut.

1. Water Softener

I really miss our water softener.  With the dryer climate and lack of softener salt, the skin is a little dry, itchy, and brittle.   Can you say herbal blend multi-purpose cream?!

2. Amazon Prime

There have been a couple purchases made since we moved in.  Grateful for the free shipping and number of products from which to choose. (Apparently, I'm a toilet bowl brush snob.)

3. Wind

Wow!!  This one really caught us by surprise!

Sorry, my Chicago friends! You didn't even make the cut.  

4. Distance to Everything

After having lived outside of both Atlanta and St. Louis, you get pretty used to having to drive at least 30 mins to get to a lot of places.  Here in Amarillo, I can get from one end of town to the other in about 20 mins.  Shopping, groceries, utilities, library, schools - are all so close now!  I'm already spoiled!

5. Community Dumpster

Really not used to this, but it's definitely a bonus!  No worries about having the trash can out for trash pick-up on time, but not out too long that HOA sends a note.  Twice a week pick-up.  Kinda a 'don't-ask-don't-tell' policy.  Not much worry about things blowing over or away. And all the kids can manage to take the trash out for me.  Another thing that will spoil me.

6. Gas

I LOVE having gas!  Not the digestive kind - but the home heating, water heating, stove top cookin', oven baking kind.  

7. New Construction

We purchased new again when we moved here.  There are several benefits to this for our family - the biggest being the quick move-in date we can usually get.  

I always forget about the mess that goes along with being in a construction area.  My windows are constantly dirty, the floors constantly have tracks on them, and there's just no getting away from the grime.  Once you feel like it's all clean the wind picks up and you have to start all over again.  (See #3)

Another aspect that makes living in a new construction is that no one knows where you live.  Not a big deal, except I don't know where I live either!  (Google Maps is one of my favorite things right now.)  Kinda hard to give directions.  I'm learning, though.  Thankfully, UPS and FEDEX have had no trouble getting to us.  (See #2)

8. Smell of Money in the Air

It's pretty comical to walk out the door with your kids and hear them exclaim 'What is that SMELL?!'.  This is cow country, after all.  :)

9.  Facing West

When your home faces full West it causes you to make some pretty drastic (temporary) decorating decisions if you want to protect your retinas at supper time.

10.  Furniture Fitting

This is one that always gives me a bit of trouble.  Every time a move is made, you're essentially taking one home and trying fit it into another.  Lots of times it can feel like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.  This time around we have a ranch style home for the first time ever.  We also gave up having a basement.  It's been a bit more challenging for me this time around.  

11.  Dark Hardwood Floors

I'm not sure if I'm up for the work these are going to require. (See #3 & #7)  Do you really have hardwood floors if you end up purchasing enough rugs to cover 80% of them?

12.  No State Income Tax

Need I say more?!

Okay..... There's just a small glimpse into the changes that have come our way.  While we are really missing our friends up North, we've already met a lot of new people and found a great church family to be a part of.   So far settling in has been pretty effortless.  Sure there have been a couple of bumps and frustrations, but that all happens no matter where you are.  Most important thing has been keeping a sense of humor when things come our way.  

Until next time!

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