Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bowling Pumpkins

We are in full holiday swing around here.  Seems like as the kids get older, the costumes get a little more complicated and involved.  It's all good as long as we start working on them early enough.  (Not always the case each year, but we are getting better.)

This year I was in charge of the game for my son's preschool class.  Since there are 7 little boys in that one class and no girls, I wanted something that involved lots of movement.  And, after doing some searching online and on Pinterest, I decided to do a little bowling.

Such a quick and easy project!  You'll probably even have all the supplies on hand.

Whatcha Need:

6 paper towel rolls
14 sheets of orange construction paper
1 sheet of green construction paper
Permanent marker

Whatcha Do:

Tape 2 & 1/3 sheets of orange paper together.
Roll the orange construction paper around a roll of paper towels.
Repeat for all 6 rolls.
Cut the green construction paper into 6 equal squares and draw stems on each one.
Tape the cut out stems on the orange 'pumpkins'.
Use a permanent marker to draw faces on the 'pumpkins'.  Then set them up to play.
Use a ball to knock the pumpkin pins over.
My little helper - the king of photo bombs!
The game seemed to be a big hit with all the boys at the party today.  Hooray!  They then played tackle bowling with the pins just before we decided it was the end of their party.  Such is life with little boys, right?!

Enjoy your Halloween!

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