Monday, August 24, 2015

3 Little Birds, Pitch By My Doorstep

As we all know, there can be a lot of wasted time to be found on the internet - and Facebook in particular.  I figure that sums up most of my time on there except for when I'm actually working.

The other day, though, I don't care how much time equaled waste, because I ran across this picture someone had posted in a FB group I'm a part of.

I immediately knew I had to have them.  I even texted my husband the picture and let him know I was on a mission.  {I thought it only fair to warn him of my obsession intentions before he got home.}

You may be thinking 'Why?'.

Or, maybe you're more like - 'Really?!?! You can't be serious, right?!'

So, let me take you on the long, winding journey of my - slightly strange - reasoning, my friends.

If you recognize the title of this post for the song lyrics that they are, you probably already know where this is going.  IF you don't know the song, here's a link.

Bob Marley - Three Little Birds

I have always enjoyed listening to this song and have passed that love on to four of my five children.  I've had it on my iTunes playlist for years.  Whether we're in the house cleaning, by the pool, or driving down the road with the windows open or closed:  this song gets turned up just a little louder.  {Which is pretty humorous considering we are all painfully white.}

However, about three years ago, this song took on a new meaning for me.

You see, when you have the reality below staring you in the face....

So many things in life take on a new meaning.

And you need something to fight off the worry and nasty thoughts that can plague you - especially as a parent watching your child suffer.

I know we've all seen pictures of children dealing with any number of ailments.  And our hearts go out to them.  And their families.  We sit there and can't imagine what they are all going through.  We even say an extra prayer or two just for them.

But when it's your child in that picture...

When it's your child's long, beautiful, blonde hair now collected in a bag...

Or when you are the one sitting on the floor of the grocery store with your child while she has a meltdown for no apparent reason...

You hit your knees on a daily basis.  Sometimes you don't leave your knees for days.  People may see you walking around, going through the motions of life like normal; but,  inside you are humbled in front of the throne of God begging for your child's life.

There are so many things we were able to find strength in during those months and years, though.  We have some of the most amazing friends both near and far.  We were (and are) able to open the scripture and find so many encouraging words to sustain us.  My prayer life was built up significantly during that time, too.  And our marriage gained a firmer foundation.

With this song, though, we could get lost in it.  We would dance and sway together in the living room and smile through the tears.  We could really enjoy the moment and forget for just a little bit.

Can you now understand just a little bit of my obsession/desire to have those birds in my home?  And when I saw these three little birds, I was on a mission.

And I found them just a few hours later at Target.  {Yep, that same day.}

While I thought about putting them in our kitchen; they look perfect over our front door.

It's something we will be able to see every morning when we come down the steps to the main level.  The kids will also get to see them everyday heading out the door for the school bus.  None of us will ever be tall enough to slap the top of the door like all those football teams coming out of a tunnel; but, this is kind of the equivalent for our family in my mind.  It will be a reminder to us all that God takes remarkable care of us through all the good and bad times in life.

I hope I've explained that well for all of you.  I'll be completely honest: this post has taken me several days and  a couple of all out sob-fests to get written.  Because even with all the emotions I've gone through and how thankful I am to be where we are today; I still ache for all those families who don't have a happy ending to their story.  I hope that now when you see those pictures of someone else's kid you will understand just a little more and are willing to say a few (more) prayers for that family.  And then maybe this song will cross your mind, give you a smile and remind you that every little thing really will be alright no matter what may come.

The LORD is my strength and my shield; in him my heart trusts, and I am helped...   Psalms 28:7

Love to you all and God bless.

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