Monday, August 11, 2014

First Day of School

Today is our first day of school, and we are ALL excited.  My kids are ready to get back with all their friends and start a new phase of life.  I'm ready to have a routine back in place.

I've never been one to want my kids to stay little.  That being said, I think a pause button on life would be great right now.

Our oldest is at her first day of middle school.  {?!?!}
And three of our kids are in elemetary school.  Our baby girl has her first day of kindergarten today.  {another ?!?!}

Our youngest gets to hang out with me for another couple of weeks until his first day of pre-K.  He can't wait!  He's my easiest going kid and will be great palling around with for a little while longer.  And, what better way to spend our first morning together than getting the oil changed? 
Yeah.  I'll have to make that up to him with a morning at the park or pool soon.  Really, though, I think he wanted to be on that bus with his sisters. ;-)

Here's to another great start to another school year!

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