Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Celebrating Great Things

I mentioned in my last post that I'm really excited about all the possibilities 2015 has to offer.  And the excitement starts off with a bang in January!

Why is that, do you ask?

- This marks the One Year Anniversary of me starting my own business

- My birthday is tomorrow


-Shaklee just had its kickoff to Celebrate 100 yrs of Innovation

So this month I'm going to have some fun and include my readers in the fun, too!

I have 4 samples of 3 different products....

and I want to share them with 4 lucky people!

How can you get them?  Just be one of the first 4 readers who contact me by email, and you will receive 1 Vitalized Immunity sample, 1Vivix sample and 1 MindWorks sample.  Love all of these!

Although there are many ways to get free membership, I'm feeling really generous this month.  I want to help others discover and become part of the Shaklee Effect by giving away a Shaklee membership to the first 5 people who have an order of 50PV or more**.  Not sure what you want to order?  Not a problem!  Contact me, I'll be happy to help you find the products that would be best for you and help make your 2015 better and healthier.

What does it mean to have a Shaklee membership?  

-Special member pricing saving you 15-20% off all prices
-No monthly fees, ever
-No minimum purchases, monthly or otherwise
-Notice of exclusive offers

I absolutely love our new Shaklee life!  All of us have been healthier since we started using the products.  In the past year we have only had 4 sick visits to the doctor and only two of those visits resulted in needing antibiotics.  (I got a little paranoid when one kid started complaining of the same symptoms the strep kid had.)  That's huge when you realize all 5 kids usually had at least 2 sinus infections each year prior to Shaklee!  This is just one of the many reasons why I feel so strongly about these products and want to share with everyone!

Have you been thinking of trying Shaklee?  Now is a great time and there is always a 100% money back guarantee if needed.  There's absolutely nothing to lose.  Let me know how I can help make this the year you take control of your health!

**Order must total 50 PV or more to qualify.  Only 5 free memberships given to non-member individuals.  First come, first served basis.  Ends after 5 memberships are given or January 31, 2015, whichever comes first.

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