Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My Baby Turned 5. WHAT?!

I used to think time didn't like me.  Really.  I know I did it to myself, but there for a while life was a bit overwhelming.  Okay, completely overwhelming.  Nothing like having five kids in six years.

Now that I finally feel like I'm getting my proverbial feet under me, time is starting to pick up speed and go maybe just a little faster than I would like.

It really hits home when the baby starts to no longer look like a baby.

He's growing up just a little too fast.  It's a mixed bag of emotions for this momma.  On one hand, I love seeing my kids grow and learn new things.  On the other hand, he is definitely our last and we will never go through all those baby 'firsts' ever again.

He was very adamant that he wanted a cake this year and not cupcakes.  (I really liked those cupcakes from last year, though!)

What he wasn't sure about, was what would be on said cake.  One day before his birthday celebration, he finally narrowed it down to either The Hulk or TMNT.  At least they have the same colors.

Once he settled on TMNT, I got to work on the cake.

I really had a lot of fun doing this!  No, it's not professionally done.  I'm sure I did so many things 'wrong', but I don't care.  He could tell what the picture was supposed to be and he was happy.  That made me happy and the work worth it.

So, what are the popular picks for birthdays?  I'm always curious if my kids just like what they like or are going with the current popular trend.

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