Monday, March 30, 2015

Do You Chia?

There are many things I'm trying to do better about in my life.  Sometimes this list seems really long. How about you?

The big thing right now is getting healthy.  Exercise is still a distant thing these days, unfortunately. However,  getting better foods into my diet more often has been going much better.  Baby steps, right?!

This has become my breakfast just about every morning.

Two simple things to add to your oatmeal that can take it up a notch and add some great extra nutrition.   One tablespoon of chia seeds and a big spoon full of vanilla yogurt.
Mix and eat.
Adding just one tbsp of chia seeds helps keep me full longer in the morning and helps keep me from 'grazing' through the pantry.  It also adds extra fiber, omega-3, protein, and calcium to my diet in a very easy form.

Other areas where we've added chia seeds - 1/3 C to our blackberry cobbler, homemade jam, and in almond milk to make pudding.

Now, while these little beauties have no flavor, there is no way to hide the texture of having all those extra little seeds in your dish.  Not a problem for me; but, for those with food texture issues (like my daughter), this could pose a major problem.

So, do you use chia seeds?  What's your favorite way to use them?  Share with us!

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