Monday, May 4, 2015

Chicago Trip!!

I was fortunate to be able to attend one of Shaklee's regional conferences in Chicago recently.  It was my second trip and (of course) it was amazing!!

I'm so glad to 'work' with a group of women (and men) that are a great support system and keep me motivated to try new things and push me to grow - not only in my business but also as a person.

Getting to attend a VIP lunch was such a treat!  The food provided was absolutely delicious and the company delightful!

And I got to become better friends with some amazing people.

We all got to meet and hear from an Olympic Athlete.

It's always fun being reminded of Shaklee's rich history and all the new developments they are making in science.

A small part of our team even got to speak and share about what they have been able to accomplish recently.  These ladies are AMAZING!

The whole experience was so informative, a great boost for me, and just plain FUN!

One of the best parts, though, was coming back home to hear all about what went on while I was gone.

Two of the kids ran their first 5K - so proud of them!  (Official times are under their pictures.)

And, for at least a little while, they all got along and let me have a peaceful homecoming.  And I was reminded once again why I do what I do.

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