Monday, April 20, 2015

Spring Cleaning Made Easier

Have you started spring cleaning?!

I would love to tell you I'm done.....

I'm not.

It's a bit overwhelming, huh?

Especially with all the nice weather.

Did you know that nice weather makes my spring cleaning a little harder?

Yep.  And not because I want to be outside instead of in. (Although, that's true too.)

It's because that nice weather calls my kids outside for extra long periods of time to get extra grubby and dirty.  I then end up with dirty foot prints on my recently mopped floors or sinks smeared with streaks of mud in the bowl and countertop.

That's just the way it is.

So why is the title of this post 'Spring Cleaning Made EASIER'?

Because by using Shaklee cleaners, I've essentially taken all the guess work out of my cleaning.

Did I just throw ya?  Are you thinking.... 'Wait a minute!  I thought the great thing about using Shaklee cleaners was all about them being non-toxic and good for the environment!'

It is.  And that's the whole reason I started using them.

Now...... That's just a huge bonus.

I have my life simplified by only having four cleaners for the surfaces in my home.  Yep.  Four.

Here's my thought process for cleaning.......

So..... my 'nerd' side came out on this one, but you get the idea, right?

And, did you also notice WATER is one of my main cleaners?  I use it all the time to wipe down counters, cabinets, sinks, spots on the floor.... just about anywhere.

However, water does very little to help me clean up oil or grease type messes.  That's when I reach for my Basic H2.  And, it's safe on all the surfaces around my house.

I use it to mop my floors and clean up all the tracks my kids leave behind.
We use it to clean our vehicles.
and in....
In our bathrooms.

I also use it to clean glass and mirrors, baseboards, marks on walls and doors, stainless steel appliances - anywhere I need to clean!  Basic H works well and it works fast so I can get on with my day.

Pretty simple, right?  

Want some for yourself?  Order Basic H2 here.

Are you looking to get started cleaning cleaning in multiple areas in your home?  The Get Clean Starter Kit gives you everything you need to start cleaning all around your home with natural, non-toxic cleaners- including laundry, kitchen, and bathrooms.  

Looking to get FREE membership and FREE shipping?  Follow this link for the Get Clean Kit and scroll down to select your kit.  Such a great value!! Plus, I'm giving a Free Scour Off with purchase of the Get Clean Kit.

Okay, I'm off to do more of that cleaning I've been writing about!

Have a great rest of your day!

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