Monday, November 21, 2016

Christmas Wish List Bundle

Thanksgiving is in just a couple of days and the Christmas shopping saving commercials are in full force!

Keeping everything straight, knowing what to focus on and having a plan, makes the holidays so much more enjoyable.  That's what drove me to come up with a Christmas pack that will help me keep all the items I have to juggle during this time of year from dropping and crumbling around my feet.  Of course I know there are others out there who need some help in this area, too, so I'm offering it for free to anyone who joins the My Life E-club!

Here's what you'll get in the bundle:

My Wish List

A great way to start off the gift buying process is to actually know what your kids (or others) really want this year.  I know my kids pretty well, but there's always something on the list that will surprise me.  And then there are times when I'm sooooo last month on what they like.  (Know the feeling?)

This Wish List has plenty of room for the little ones to put all their wishes down so parents or grandparents have a better idea of what they want.  And, with two list per sheet (with a cut guide line), you'll be able to print as many as you need using less paper.

Christmas Gifting Budget

If you been visiting the blog for long, you know what a stickler I am on staying within our budget.  Spending more that we have, doesn't make for a very merry Christmas for us.  Ever.  It took us years to realized that starting the process with a limit makes it so much easier to stay where we need to monetarily.  This budgeting sheet has a place for a total overall budget and also a spot to write in exactly how much you can spend on each person on your gifting list.

There's a total of three pages, but obviously you can print as many as you need to cover your gifting needs.  On page 2 and 3 there's even a space for jotting down notes for those ideas that might come about while planning or shopping.

Gift Tags

Once you're finished with all your shopping, you're going to need some tags to put on all those prettily wrapped packages.  There's two sheets with 9 tags each and both have cut guide lines to help keep things easy.  Incase you haven't noticed..... all the items in the bundle coordinate with happy teal and red colors.


So, after I got all of these pages done, I wanted to be able to do a lot of planning to make the actual shopping process quicker and easier.  Keeping track of the amount of money I'm not only spending but saving is a huge thing for me.  Anyone else out there like to see the savings add up?! 

To accomplish this I came up with not only a Black Friday Deals tracker, but also a Cyber Monday Deals tracker!

Both of these will allow you to know which store or site you need to visit to get the deals you need to keep your holiday spending under budget and regret free!  You'll also be able to keep track of sale start time, payment method used, and delivery date.

Want to get your hands on this whole packet?!

Follow the link below and you can get it delivered right to your inbox in time to get all your Christmas ducks in a row!

My Christmas Wish List Packet

If you're already a member of the My Life E-Club, check your inbox!  All club members get a notice of new products early and it should be ready for you to print!

Look for our Link Party starting at 9pm EST later tonight!

Happy Monday!!

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