Monday, July 7, 2014

Independence and Basic G

I hope you all had a great Independence Day weekend!  I think this is one of the first times we didn't travel anywhere for the holiday.  It was great to spend the time at home with some new friends making memories.  Our kids are now pyromaniacs after Friday night and we only had one very minor burn.

The whole idea of 'independence' got me thinking about life and my kids.  I'm not one of those people who wants their kids to stay little forever.  I LOVE that my kids are getting older and more capable day by day.  Having five kiddos in less than seven years can be very overwhelming.  Every time one of them grows to be a little more independent, I do a little happy dance - not only for myself, but for them.

These little steps they make toward being more independent and self-reliant are not without stumbles.  I try to keep my camera {and a sense of humor} handy through the good...

And the 'bad'...

Most recently our son is learning his independence in the bathroom.  And, after it taking what seems like forever to get him potty trained, I'm not about to discourage him.  Even when he uses a little too much toilet paper and overflows the toilet.
Yeah..... And, FYI, it does no good to take the top off the tank and try to control the flow of water.  {Kevin got a good laugh out of that bit reasoning.}

Fortunately, I had just cleaned the toilet prior to this little incident, so it wasn't too much of an ick factor.  However, I wasn't just going to walk away without making sure everything was good and clean after this little incident.

Enter my heavy hitter - Basic G {Germicide}!
This baby disinfects, cleans and deodorizes all in one step.  And, it's so concentrated that one quart makes up to 64 gallons.

Basic G is now my go to cleaner when I need to get rid of bacteria, viruses, and fungi in my home.  It's nontoxic and safe to use all around the house - on door knobs, light switches, in the bathroom and kitchen, sinks and floors, on stainless steel and aluminum, and on hard non-porous surfaces.  We even use it to keep our large outdoor trash can clean and free of stink.  The residual effectiveness lasts up to three days after application (verse only one hour when using chlorine bleach) and it kills 32 pathogens (verses only 8 when using Lysol).

Using Basic G has helped me to know my house is clean.  It gives me a way to clean up after our little steps toward independence and a peace of mind and I have one less thing to worry about when it comes to the health of our family and especially our kids.

Want to give Basic G a try?  Go on over to my website and order yours today.  Shaklee has a 30 day money back guarantee on all their products.  I love having this in my cleaning arsenal, though, and know you will too!  Shaklee even makes Basic G Wipes in their Get Clean Line for quick cleaning convenience.  And, once done cleaning, the wipes are recyclable.

Feel free to contact me with any questions!  I love helping others discover a better, nontoxic way to clean.  Just send me an email or message me on my Facebook page.

Have a wonderful week!

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