Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Paleo Birthday Meal

Yesterday was my husband's birthday.  He's getting OLD!  Not really.  If he's getting old, that means I'm getting old, too, and I'm not ready to accept that.  Our 30's are sure going by fast, though!

He's not big on celebrating, but I at least wanted to have a nice meal and dessert for him.  For most meals we keep things simple and last night was no different.  But, it was VERY flavorful and filling.

The pork chops were grilled to perfection by Kevin.  I always dry them out, so I definitely let the pro do the grillin'.  He's secret seasoning?  Season Salt.  (Um, guess it's not a secret any more, huh?)

The broccoli is surrounded by julienned sweet potato.  Both of these were sautéed together on the stove top in coconut oil and seasoned with garlic salt and some crushed red pepper flakes to taste.
I'm quite proud of dessert!  Kevin prefers to avoid refined sugars and leans more toward a paleo-ish diet.  (Hence the meat and veggies for supper.)  He would have eaten a blackberry cobbler or a lemon meringue pie, but I wanted to fix something he could really enjoy without all the extra stuff.  My quick search led me to Our Paleo Life and Kendra's Paleo Peach Cobbler recipe.  (So many good recipes on this site!)  It was a big hit with Kevin and most of the kidlets.

Overall, the evening and meal were a great success!

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