Friday, June 12, 2015

What I've Been Up To

This morning it took me a little longer to get out of bed.  One, because I'm tired.  Two, because I'm just a bit sore.

My time alone is rapidly ticking down, though, and I've just a few more things I'd like to get accomplished before reality hits tomorrow.

While I didn't get nearly as much accomplished in the week (I was gifted by my sweet in-laws) as I wanted,  I was able to get many, many projects completed that had been languishing away around the house.

Just a couple more things to check off my to do list and then the kiddos will have to join in the fun {and then reality will hit them, poor babies! :) }.

Kids' Bathroom Painted 

Anniversary Dinner

Project Started 3 Years Ago

Copious Amounts of White Paint Used

Original Art Work Discovered

Projects Multiplying Like Rabbits

Hard Labor

Heavier Than It Looks


For My Husband

Moving Sticker From at Least 2 Moves Ago

Over Night Storage

More Stuff....
Rearranging and cleaning my kids' bedrooms wasn't originally on my long list of things to do.  Having it out of the way so it's one less thing hanging over all of us this summer was soooooo worth the work.  I'll either be 'Mom Of The Year' or 'Mud' when the kids see the changes.

Either way, check back in next week to see the completed projects revealed.

Have a great weekend!!

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