Monday, November 9, 2015

Have You Heard the News?!

Things have been mighty crazy around here the past couple of months. Wanna know why......?

Our family is headed to Texas at the end of the year!!

It's a crazy, bittersweet feeling for us.  We have absolutely LOVED our time here in Saint Louis (even with all the medical stuff we had to deal with).  Great friends have been made, fun has been had, and wonderful memories abound.

Right now is just another point in our lives for change - and that's okay.

This all started about two months ago.  Kevin has been doing a lot of flying back and forth trying to hand over his current position and learning what is expected of him in the new.  I've been busy getting junk treasure cleared out of the basement, excess trash thrown away, and readying our house to put up for sale.

Thankfully, all the hard work has paid off and our home sold in 3 days!  Such a blessing!

Now we are moving quickly to get our new home lined up and ready for us to settle in just before Christmas.  We've looked at a lot (okay, that should be highly emphasized) of homes online.  Soon we will be able to see them in person and hopefully find one that will work well for our family.  A lower mortgage payment would be nice, too.

I won't lie - this will be one of the hardest moves for us.  Being in one place for seven years allowed us to grow some roots and make some really deep connections with friends.  The kids being older is also a huge factor, too.  Change is harder when you are 12 and 10 years old as oppose to 5 and 3.  They will adjust, though.  And, thankfully, there is FaceTime, texting and Facebook available to keep connected.

So...... that just a bit about sums it up.

I'll let you know how things go!

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