Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Baby Turns 4

Our 'baby' of the family turned 4 this past Saturday.  So hard to believe!  He's fun loving and full of energy - and all boy.  Having a little boy after 4 girls is a very different experience, but a lot of fun at the same time.  He will definitely be giving us some gray hairs down the road.

Instead of princesses and glitter, this birthday was dominated by super heros.  Spiderman being the main hero of the day.  Lots of fun!
The cupcakes were really easy to do.

The strawberry idea I found just by doing a quick Google search.  I didn't want to have a bunch of icing left over, so I picked up some of the Betty Crocker decorating icing in the tubes.  I was a bit disappointed in how stiff the white icing was, but the black worked like a dream.  I'll probably pick up the gel icing if I ever do anything like this again.  Placing the strawberries in an egg holder made decorating all the strawberries at once really easy!
For the remaining cupcakes, I just put simple spiderwebs on them with the white icing.  This is where the stiff icing really made things difficult.  My hands were so sore when I got finished.  Fortunately, a four year old boy doesn't critique too harshly.
A very simple cake that made a little boy's day!

What kind of birthday parties have you had lately?  Do you keep it simple or are you someone who is able to pull an over-the-top birthday together?

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