Friday, March 7, 2014

Apple-Strawberry Smoothee Recipe

This week has been extremely busy!  Several things were already planned and several unexpected things got tossed in to my schedule - just to keep me on my toes, I'm sure.  Like dropping our 5 yr old off at preschool and the van not wanting to start again when I was ready to leave.  Yep.  Morning plans were changed from grocery shopping to getting a new battery put in our vehicle.  At least now I have no worries about whether or not I have the Black & Decker jump starter in the van.

So, during our abnormal week, I finally made it the the local gym.  I never want to go, but I always feel so good afterward.  The kids get to play in the kid room while I workout and then I'll take them to the gymnasium area afterward.
Then we all go home and have a reward for all our exercise.

Apple-Strawberry Smoothee

1/2 C frozen strawberries
1 package apple sauce
2 scoops Vanilla Smoothee mix
1 C milk or water

 Put them all together and mix.
My kids love helping make our smoothees.

Our weekend weather is looking to be much warmer than we've had lately.  60* and sunny is nothing to take for granted in the midwest this time of year!  Hope all of you have some nice weather where you are, too, to enjoy!  

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