Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring Cleaning

I've started a bit of Spring cleaning around our home, but it's coming along in baby steps.  The little ones are still home to 'help' me in any project.  Since the weather has been warming up, finding things to do while the kids are playing outside has been a good compromise for us.

So, the garage has been swept out and organized - done while the kids rode bikes in the driveway.  The muddy shoes in the corner will soon be cleaned up and put away.
There are several things in here that need to be removed still:  we are getting closer and closer to being done with car seats,  strollers are soon to be a thing of the past, and a couple of our smaller bikes are needing to find a new home to make some other little girl or boy happy.  

If you look closely, you can see some of our left over deck materials that need to go, too.  Railing and some hardware that have just been taking up space for the past several years need to be removed, sold or trashed.  I'll be recruiting my husband to help with some of the heavy lifting.
Since we've had some high 60*/ low 70* weather, shorts were a must for the kids - it didn't make a difference to anyone that we had snow the following day.  Looking for shorts started a domino effect that caused some minor closet clean out.  We'll have to go back into the battle arena and do a more thorough job later, though.  Below is just a small bit of the carnage created.  Most of these clothes will go to others we know who can use the clothes and some of it will just be donated.  I've started getting some hand-me-downs from others, and that really helps our budget and rounds out the kids' wardrobes.
We'll soon be putting the winter gloves, hats and scarves away, too.  Five kids should mean 5 pairs of gloves, 5 scarves and 5 hats.  For our family, it seems like those numbers are tripled!  I'm so ready to put all the winter accessories in a bin and back in the basement storage. 
Has anyone else started Spring cleaning?  (I was hoping to get ours done before nice weather really set in, but it may be here before I'm ready.)  What are some of your real 'problem areas'?  What is the one area you feel has be cleaned/straightened before you can be officially finished?

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