Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Treatment Day

This morning was a bit busy trying to get all my little ducks in a row.  I'm so grateful for all our friends who are able to help us on treatment days.  Getting the kids on the bus, the little two to a sitter for the 4 hr appointment and then getting back home can sometimes be a logistics nightmare.  Especially when the traffic looks like this.
Today there was an extra stop to make since Madi prefers to be accessed at the Pratt Center office instead of Test and Treatment at the hospital.  Not a problem - we want her to be as comfortable in any situation as we can make her.  I just have to remember to allow an extra 45 minutes to our commute even though the buildings are right next to each other.

The staff in Test and Treatment are amazing with the kids.  They try to have the same nurse take care of Madi each time we go in to make it easier on her.  The Child Life Specialist comes by as soon as we get in the room to see what craft, activity, toy or movie Madi wants.  Today she decided to do a craft.

 After getting checked in, hooked up to fluids for an hour, and getting a good dose of Zofran, the doctors take Madi back for her 15 minute procedure.  I have just enough time to grab a coffee before they bring her back to the room.
We head home after she has time to wake up and have a quick snack since she has to fast on these mornings.  She's just a bit tired the rest of the day, but she'll typically stay up playing or watching a little television until bedtime.  It's absolutely amazing how all the little ones adjust so well to the new normal of their lives.

Please keep mentioning her in your prayers.  She does such a good job that sometimes even we forget that she really isn't at 100% and won't be for several months yet.

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