Thursday, December 31, 2015

Opportunity Knocks... Will You Answer?!

Have you ever thought about starting your own business? Since starting my business, I've been able to grow personally, help others, go green, and get my health products paid for. I'm on track to earn free car payments, free trips, and earn a full-time passive income! I want to bless others with this opportunity and share this gift. I want to give you a head start to make 2016 your best year ever! If you want to join us, December is a great time to partner with us and become your own boss! Here’s why…
Tax Advantages: When you join Shaklee and Project Dream with a Gold Kit, you can write it off. In fact, tax advantages are one of the best things about having a home based business! When you join in 2015, you can get your return back in 2016 rather than waiting for 2017 if you start your business in 2016. Hello no brainer!
New Year Resolutions: You can be there to help all your friends and family with their new year resolutions. You know everyone wants a fresh start for the new year! Not feeling your best either? You don’t have to look and feel your best to join us. You can work on yourself while you inspire others to do the same. You are honest & real and people trust you!! 
Free Trips: Shaklee offers several trips a year and the clock starts counting January 1st! This means that you can take full advantage of earning a tropical, all inclusive, paid vacation! I don’t know about you, but I will work for trips!! The announcements of next year’s trip will be made on January 4th- be there!
New Training: Shaklee is coming out with a brand new Shaklee University that will help you explode and duplicate your business! We are starting a private Social Media 8 Week Training Course for everyone in Project Dream (my team) and you do not want to miss out.

I’m excited to help you get your business started NOW. To help all those who are ready to join or upgrade to any of the 3 Gold Paks, I'm offering a rebate. BUT THE OFFER IS ONLY UNTIL THE END OF THE DAY DECEMBER 31st!! All those who sign up on my team with a Gold PAK get a $75 rebate. Anyone who signs up to my team with a Gold Plus PAK gets a $100 rebate. Everyone who signs up with me with a Super Gold PAK will get a $125 rebate! Not only will you get a rebate, but your December purchase will insure you get your first Shaklee check in January!!

Together let’s make 2016 you’re best year ever!


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