Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Fresh Start Challenge

I'm so excited about this challenge to kick off the New Year right!  This is obviously the time so many of us decide that 'this year will be different!'. Yep.

Because this year I'm going to:

- Get on a Budget
- Exercise
- Get Healthy
- Spend More Quality Time with Loved Ones
- Travel More
- Eat Better
- Get Organized
- Learn New Things

And so on......

You do this too, right?

I'm really happy with my results from this past year, but I know I can do better.  One huge part of my success has been incorporating Shaklee products into our family's lives.  There is also an amazing support group that has helped cheer me on and pushed me when needed.  And now my support system from all over the U.S. has become some wonderful friends.

We'll be starting an new challenge January 4th, 2016!

I would LOVE for you to join me!  We already have a great group of people that have committed to a Fresh Start!  There are several options to join, so there is something for every person (and every budget!).  Read on for the kit options, and be sure to join as a member (all kits come with a FREE membership) in order to participate in the accountability group on Facebook!  We are starting officially on January 4th,  but we will have people starting all throughout January, so if you start after the 4th that is totally OK! :)

Here’s the scoop!
1) Kick Start!  This is for people that are interested in a 5 day reset, with 3 shakes a day, essential vitamins/minerals, and healthy snacks throughout the day.  It is a GREAT way to get back on track after the holidays!
You will want to purchase the Essentials Plan or the Foundations Plan.  (See below for optional add-ons to enhance your reset!)

2) Steady Start!  This is for people that have less than 20 pounds to lose or just want to commit to 1 protein shake a day combined with the BEST vitamins and supplements on the market.
You will want to purchase the Vitalizing Plan or the Life Plan.  (See below for optional add-ons to if you also want to start with 5 day reset!)

3) Fast Start!  This is for people that have 20+ pounds to lose.  Shaklee’s protein is designed to help you lose the fat, but keep the muscle.  It is an INCH loss plan!
You will want to purchase the Life Shake Family Pack or the Turnaround Kit.  (See below for optional add-ons, if you also want to start with 5 day reset!)

If you are starting with Kick Start or adding the reset to the Steady Start or Fast Start, you may want to consider adding on the following products to enhance the 5 day reset:
Liver DTX  (if you are pregnant or nursing, skip the Liver DTX)
Once you purchase your products (AND become a member), please email me at my life by jess (at) gmail(dot)com with the subject “Fresh Start” and request to be added to the private Facebook group!

Have some questions?  I'm always happy to help and guide you through the products and options we are making available.  Please remember this isn't just about weight loss.  This is about getting HEALTHY.  It's about kicking some of those nasty cravings and bad habits we have trouble getting rid of.  All of these goals are much easier with an active and compassionate support group.  Can't wait to welcome you to the group and get 2016 kicked off with a bang!!

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