Thursday, February 4, 2016

Adorable, Quick and Easy Valentine Box

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching.  Are you ready?

I'm rarely fully ready for any of the holidays, but this one always seems to sneak up on me.  Yeah, because you know it's never on the same day each and every year. {There goes that sarcasm again.}

A couple of years ago I was completely unprepared.  There was so much going on at the time and making a box to for my kids' Valentine's to go into just seemed like a complete waste of time and energy.  And that year Baby #3 was taking some pretty nasty chemo, so energy was really low. Thankfully, I have some really amazing friends and neighbors that look out for me my kids.

So, armed with gifted stickers, the kids and I started looking around the house for a box to decorate.  Should have been an easy enough search, but we came up with nothing.  Then one of the kids spotted (one of the many) Huggies wipe boxes in the living room.   Using very little in terms of time and supplies, we were able to come up with some pretty cute boxes to sit on the kids' desks at school to contain all their little friends' Valentine's Day cards.

While it's a simple and really fast project, it gets the job done.  Plus, it's durable and can be reused for several years.  (Making me seem more prepared than I actually am.  Bonus!!)

Cutting the center rubber out of the center despencer area to make it easier for little people to put those cute V Day cards inside the box. 

If you really want to get fancy, decoupage the outside with some pretty scrapbook papers and stickers.  The sky is the limit with these little gems, so have fun and be creative!  Plus, if you decide to make one of your own, please post a picture on my Facebook page.  I love seeing other people's creativity!

Keep loving Life!

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  1. That is such a cute upcycle! Thanks for sharing at the Tips and Tricks Link Party.

    Cassie @ Southeast by Midwest


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