Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Master Bath Shower Curtain

How many of you out there have young kids? Or maybe you remember what it was like to have young kids? It's a typical lament of moms: the fact that once you have kids all privacy goes out the window. 

When we moved into our home in Saint Louis, I had just given birth to our 4th child six weeks before. She was adorable and I had no problem sticking her in her bouncy seat in the bathroom while I showered. Even having my then almost two year old hang out in the bathroom with us wasn't a big deal to me. However, I also had a five year old and four year old in the mix, and at some point your worried you're going to scar you kids for life if they keep barging into the bathroom all the time. 

There really is no place to hide when you have a free standing shower like we do. 

Funny thing is- it doesn't seem to get much better as they get older.  I still get visitors even though the oldest is now 12 and the baby will soon be 6. 

What's that you say? Lock the bathroom door? Yeah. I've tried that. But do you have any idea how difficult it can be to hear a little one's complaints over the sound of running water and a closed door? Most times those complaints are of no consequence, but there are times that it's legit and I need to speed things up.

So, what to do when you don't have walls to put a rod between and your husband says no holes in the shower surround and nothing inside the shower stall. {I mean, we can't have it be too easy, right?!}

The answer came when I was looking for supplies for another project. These nifty little brackets are meant to allow the user to adjust the curtain distance from the wall. 

(picture linked)

But when you pair them with these L-brackets

(picture linked)

And rotate the adjustable piece of the curtain rod bracket 180* and insert the screw upside down...... You end up with a little bit of magic!!!

I did this little trick on both ends of the curtain rod, but left the decorative end off the end by the wall. 

The kids can now come in the bathroom to cry, complain, ask questions, argue, whatever!! - and I can keep my privacy!

Just add some shower rings and a curtain of your choice, and this can fit into just about any decor theme. 

What to see the rest of my master bath? Take a look at my post Master Bath Reveal

Keep loving Life!

**Bonus tips:
- Make sure you tighten the small screws where the rod sits.
- Measure the width of the shower where the brackets will sit to make sure it will fit over it easily.
- Felt could easily be added under the bracket to protect shower surround from getting scratched. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! It's worked well for several years.

  2. Great idea! (and a cute picture of the kids)

  3. This is quite a genius idea! We had a shower door when we moved into this house but not free standing. I was able to use a shower tension rod and eventually got rid of the door (hard to lean over the track to bathe a child). But I'm not sure I would have ever thought this this. (visiting from the Tips and Tricks link party)


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