Friday, February 26, 2016

More Than Salsa - Recipe

I'm all about quick and easy recipes.  Especially when it comes to snacky (snack-y? is that a word?) recipes.

This one came about because I love chips and salsa, but I wanted a little something more.  I didn't want to take the time to make Cowboy Caviar like I did a couple of months ago, though.  {Read 'I was lazy' here}

Here's what came about from me just opening up a couple of cans and throwing things together in a bowl.

More Than Salsa


16 oz salsa
15 oz black beans
8.75 oz whole kernel corn

Pulling it Together:

- Open and rinse the beans

- Open and drain corn

- Combine beans, corn and salsa in a bowl

- Stir it all together

- Enjoy with your favorite chips

This was the perfect little snack.  The corn adds a little, sweet pop to the mix.  The black beans add just a bit of extra protein and fiber.  If you make sure to up the heat on your salsa, you'll be sure to keep a lot of flavor in the dish.  {So, if you like mild, bump it up to medium.  If you like medium, bump it up to hot.}  Plus, having the corn and beans with the salsa, helps make the dish have a few more servings to either last longer or feed more people.

Quick and easy - just the way I like it!

Let me know what you think!  Or do you have something you like to do to stretch your salsa?  Share!  I'd love the feedback.

Until next time....

Keep loving Life!

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