Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February Special!!

Happy February, everyone!!

Can you believe we've already put January 2016 behind us?!  It's absolutely crazy how fast that went!

Also, have you been having some unusual winter weather where you are?!  This picture is of my kids Saturday afternoon.  They had so much fun being able to get out in the sunshine without having their big, bulky coats on.  {I posted this photo on Instagram.  Feel free to catch up with me there!}

Okay...... As mentioned before, it's February.  {WOW!} That means Valentine's Day is only a couple of weeks away.  {Double WOW!} Now, I'm usually a 'last minute' type of person, but I've been wanting to offer this promotion for so long, and now seems like a really good time!

February Special!!

Everyone who orders an Enfuselle Nutrition Therapy Skin Care Kit will receive a full size Eye MakeUp Remover (a $10 SRP).

What's so special about the Enfuselle line?

Shaklee has been able to combine some amazing ingredients into a selection of products that will provide results that are off the charts - all from the foremost natural nutrition company. {I love before and afters, don't you?!}

The testing they do to ensure their nutrition products and cleaning products are pure, non-toxic, and WORK, is what they do for their skin care products, too.  Knowing that Shaklee cares so much about making sure all the products they produce are safe, allows me to worry about one less thing in life.   And, like you, I have enough to worry about already!

Bonus - I can share all the skin care with my kids. I'm hoping they will be more fortunate than me and not have to deal with as much adolescent acne.  Plus, it's just fun to share with them and have 'spa days'!

Using Mineral Masque
My first bottle of face wash came with my business starter kit.  My initial thought when I saw the bottle was 'I'll have to find someone who wants to try this and give it to them.'.  Which is laughable now!!  

My skin at the time was horrible.  I had 5 very young kids, my daughter was undergoing chemo treatments, I was completely stressed to the max, and my body still hadn't recovered from having my son 2+ years before.  Every time I looked in the mirror all I saw was another break out starting on my face.  It was very discouraging {and embarrassing} to be having more trouble with acne as a 30-something mom than I had as a teen.  

I'm so much happier with my skin these days!  Do I still have breakouts?  Yes, but I have just a couple of catalyst for my breakouts these days - chocolate and hormones.  The chocolate factor is just cruel.  The hormone thing is a fact of life, and since I've added a couple of extra supplement, it's getting much better.  These days, though, I'm so glad to say I have many more clear days than not! And when I do have a break out it isn't nearly as severe as it used to be.

Two of my favorites! Hydrating Moisturizer & C&E Repair P.M.

Ok,  I could go on and on about these products! LOL

I'm going to stop and just let you know a couple more things-

1) I'm available to answer any questions you might have about the different products in the kit.

2) This kit gets you FREE MEMBERSHIP and FREE SHIPPING if you aren't already a member.

3) The FREE EYE MAKE-UP REMOVER promotion will end FEBRUARY 6TH

Keep loving Life!!

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