Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What are Your True Colors? (And how to find them.)

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Ever have those times were your just itching for a change? You look at your wardrobe and think, "How long has it been since I've been shopping?'.  Or look around a room in your home and envision something completely different?

I seem to be getting that itch for a change. Again.  Thankfully it's for a different color scheme on my blog and not for new bedroom furniture. (Well, that too, but the furniture budget is tapped out until sometime next year.)
Okay, so, you've been fully warned about the color, right?!

This time around, though, I decided to do a little research other than just getting into the 'Design' tab in the behind the scenes area of Blogger and clicking through random colors.  (Brilliant, right?!) During my little research project, I found some great resources for finding lots of vibrant, amazing color combinations.

Just do a quick search for 'color combinations'.  Lots of fun to see what comes up!  Check out the ones I saved for future reference on a New Board.

Do a quick search and see what colors appeal to you.  Are you surprised at what color combos you picked out? (Purple showed up a lot more that expected in my pins.)

Adobe Color CC
This is a great way to find all kinds of color combinations if you have one color and want to find others to go with it.

Once one color is selected, a color rule can be applied.

Digital Color Meter
This little gem is for all my Mac friends.  I had no clue this even on my computer! And it's easy to find.

Simply click on your search icon.

Type in 'digital color meter'.

Then open the program.  (I even made sure to add it to my dock so I wouldn't lose it down the road.) It's so easy to use and can make finding the color RGB code just a couple of clicks away.  Below is what you will get when the program is initially opened.

Want to find the HEX code?  That's just a couple clicks away, too! While your program is open, click on 'View' and switch the 'Display Values' from 'Decimal' to 'Hexadecimal'.

You will now have both color values supplied to you for any color your cursor goes over.

If you are looking to take a color from the internet to find a paint sample, there are a couple of places on line to do that.  I will warn you that it's a starting place. There is no guarantee you will get a true color for your paint, but it will allow you to get close, and then you can go look at swatches and work with an employee in the store.

If you don't have a Mac, I'm sorry - on many levels - for you. ;) Seriously, I'm doing good to know and find out things about the computer I use.  I have no idea what another platform would use.  If you have the goods, please comment below and share with others so they know, too. TIA!

Now you can go out and conquer the digital color world, my friends!!  Let me know if this helps and what you decide to use it for.

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