Tuesday, July 12, 2016

It's Amazon Prime Day!

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I'm sure you've heard, but just in case you haven't, today Amazon is offering some pretty amazing deals for Prime Members.

Do you have to have it?  No.  Well, to get the deals that are going on right now, you do.  But, in the whole scheme of life, you can live without Amazon Prime.

However, this little service has saved us unreal amounts of time, sanity and money over the years.  

~Download movies or TV shows before a trip.
~Free 2 day shipping to home
~Free 2 day shipping to any other address (This is HUGE during holidays for us!)
~Free or discounted Kindle books (Free app for any device)
~Prime Photo
~Special deals and savings all year long!

The past 4 months have contained a LOT of purchases for us as we settle into our new home.  Everything from toilet bowl brushes to laundry baskets to foods to shoes and many, many more items.  We have truly taken advantage of this service!  Those of you who already have Prime, know what I'm talking about!

Hope on over to Amazon and take a look at some of the deals going on.

Not sure you want to commit?  Did you know there's a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL? Absolutely nothing to lose!

Already a Prime Member?  Happy shopping!

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