Thursday, January 23, 2014

Basic H2 Concentrate

I love this stuff!

One bottle of Basic H2 concentrate makes 3 nontoxic, natural cleaners for our home.  I've had this same bottle of concentrate for months.

I can use it on all our hard surfaces around the house.

It cleans glass and mirrors like a champ.
(Still not sure why there was toothpaste smeared on the bathroom mirror, but my daughter was able to erase that little lapse in judgement with minimal effort.)

Basic H2 keeps my stove top clean and shiny no matter what is cooked on it.  Last night it was smoked sausage.  A few nights ago, it was hamburgers.  Could you tell?  Didn't think so!

I can even use it to clean my stainless steel appliances without worrying about which direction I wipe the surface or leaving streaks.
Even bigger bonus?  I have a cleaning product that works and I have no problem letting my kids help out with the cleaning.
Wanna talk economics?
Have you ever paid that price for a bottle of organic cleaner off the shelf at a store?

I have yet to use Basic H2 and be disappointed.  Simply can't imagine ever going back to the cleaners I used to use.  No longer do I have to worry about streaks, residue, harmful fumes or disappointing results.

Have some questions?  Contact me! Leave a comment here, ask a question on the Facebook page, or email me.  I'd love to help.  Also, thanks to those of you who have already purchased products from me.  I really appreciate it!

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