Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pirate Room Curtains

A little over 4 years ago, my husband and I found out that little bun in my oven was a boy.  (What?!?) Let me tell ya - after having 4 girls, we were shocked to find we could produce a boy.  Such an exciting addition to our family! 

Our little boy is now 3 and we have all enjoyed the differences.  Kevin likes having someone to share all his sports information and knowledge with. (Yes.  I know girls can like/enjoy sports, as well.  However, our girls will never be sports fanatics.)  Our girls have enjoyed having a little brother for the toys that were introduced into our home after his birth: trucks, guns, dinosaurs, legos and such.  I LOVE dressing a kid in something other than frills and bows.

Another bonus for me is my chance to decorate a little boy room.  I don't know how many different themes I contemplated.  It had to be cute and fun, but it also had to grow with him.  I wanted it to be something a little different from the norm.  After much deliberation, a pirate theme was settled on and I started combing the internet for ideas.

I had so much fun gathering all my supplies and picking colors to be used.

I got to be really creative and even drew on the walls to add several unique items to the room.
I dedicated one wall to having an ocean view.
And, of course, he needed to have a treasure map on one wall.
And his room would have had all this and more!  But, about the time I got half way through this mammoth project, my son met this guy.
And soon, these guys were also introduced.
And it was all over.

While my original design idea was great, my little boy's heart seems to be more in love with Marvel.  And, that's okay.  However, I really want to share with you all my curtain idea.  Doesn't it look like a ship's mast and sail?
This was such a super easy project!  

All it required were two beige tab curtains (hand stitched together),
some twine or rope and some electrical tape.
The twine was already loopy, so it made things easy when stringing it though the tabs on the curtain.
I then searched the internet for nautical knots that were authentic, but were also aesthetically pleasing.  I  then cut 3 lengths of twine that were the same to allow for drape in the curtain and the knot.  Electrical tape was used to hold the ends in place.
It really looked great in the room until Spiderman, The Hulk and a few others moved in.  *sigh*  

I'm hoping someone else will be able to use this idea in their little boy's pirate themed room and allow my creative moment to live on.  (Even if Marvel characters killed it off in our home.)  Such is life!

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